Beyond this blog…..

Beyond this blog…..

Being a quilter of a certain age, I like to have print resources on hand to look through and get new ideas.  I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you in case you want to build your own library.


These are two great resource books. The authors are wonderful and they break down patterns for you and provide useful tips and techniques. I’ve made several quilts from them and they do a great job.


I love quilt magazines and have a very hard time getting rid of them. McCalls has a nice range of projects for different skill levels and beautiful photos. The other item pictured is a quilt book that has nice simple projects. There are tons of books out there and it can get very expensive buying all the ones you want. A nice compromise is going to your local library and checking out books from there. I love the library! No risk and no money lost and supporting an indispensable part of our community.

Speaking of community, it’s more fun to quilt with other people. Check out local guilds for like minded individuals. Often they will have classes and/or guest speakers. Show and Tell is a great way to see what other quilters are up to and show off your own finished projects.

Another community support system is your local quilt shop. If you are lucky enough to have one in your area, they are ready resources for answers on techniques, problems and the inevitable question “Do these fabrics work well together??”

Another term for your quilting dictionary – Shop Hop. This is a weekend where the quilt shops in an area coordinate and each shop has a little free giveaway and quilters travel from shop to shop and visit and buy fabric and spend the day glorying in the fun of quilting.

Next week is a surprise (mainly because I’m not sure what I’m doing!)