Patriotic Windmill Block

Patriotic Windmill Block

In past posts, I showed an easy 4 Patch block so this time I thought I would show you how to do a more complicated block.  My local guild makes blocks that get made in to quilts for the military and this is one of the blocks that we have done.

**The fabric requirements below are for one block only. ** You will need three high contrast fabrics.  For the purposes of these directions, I will assume that the background fabric is white and the other two are red and blue.

  • white background 6 1/4″ square
  • red 6 1/4″ square and 2 – 4″ squares
  • blue 6 1/4″ square and 2 – 4″ squares

Take the three 6 1/4″ squares and cut twice on the diagonal as shown. To do this, lay out your ruler, diagonally and cut once across the entire piece of fabric. If possible, turn the cutting mat and cut the opposite way. It’s more accurate if you don’t disturb the fabric and just turn the mat. Carefully layout the block pieces before you begin construction.


Next week I will have a few resources that you might want to purchase or look at to further your quilting knowledge.